Holistic Nutrition


A holistic approach to nutrition takes into consideration the body, mind and spirit connection.  We aknowledge that our food choices affect not only
our physical but also mental and emotional well being.  For example, a heavy consumption of refined sugars and other processed foods may lead, for example, to ADD and depression.

A naturally well balanced diet, on the other hand, nourishes all organs and cells, creating a healthier life at all levels.  Moreover, the foods and necessary supplements that we eat must be fully digested and absorbed.  It is important to be aware that negative emotions and stres can interfere with the body's metabolism and breakdown of nutrients.

Research shows that stress can also cause hypergycemia/high blood sugar level and overating in already overweight individuals whereas suppressing the appetite among thin ones.  More and more people are now aware that thoughts and emotions exert a direct influence on the body. In my practice,I teach the patients how to release negative destructive thoughts and emotions that, among other effects, disrupt the body chemistry. Then, they can choose positive, constructive thoughts which will transform themselves for the better.

Be ensured that we use a patient-centered approach with analysis and testing to understand your specific health condition, weaknesses, potential allergies and nutritional imbalances in order to implement the best treatement options for you.  For example, a patient's fibromyalgia may have various origins, according to research, from infection, trauma, hormonal imbalances, to food allergies or nutrient deficiencies. Once we discover the causing factor, then we can immediately start the proper course of treatment and the patient will improve quickly.

We will help you heal yourself at all levels.  Our goal is for you to create a healthier, happier life.