is a naturally occuring altered state of highly focused awareness, in which the conscious mind is bypassed and access to the subsconcious can be achieved. 

Therefore, long-time suppressed memories, emotions and events can be accessed and released for healing purposes. New information can also be stored. 

Hypnotherapy is not sleep and does not involve loss of control. It feels like deep relaxation and allows for mental reprogramming toward a desired goal or change of behavior in a positive and permanent way.
NOW OFFERING HYPNO-MASSAGE (See description in massage therapy section)

also allows mental reprogramming through the use of SOUND HEALING INSRUMENTS,  guided imagery and meditation techniques.

These techniques are means of rapid changing unwanted habits and behaviors and develop new skills. The applications are very diverse and have the potential to improve your well being and many areas of your life, such as:

  • stress reduction
  • weight management
  • smoking cessation
  • relaxed childbirth
  • fears/phobias
  • self-confidence
  • learning skills enhancement
  • test taking
  • sports improvement
  • insomnia
  • nail bitting
  • improving sales for businesses
  • spiritual growth and improved happiness through past life regressions


  •  Age regression is the process of going back to an earlier time in your current life to discover and release repressed memories, often traumas, that affect your subconscious actions and  your emotional and physical health.

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Past Life Regression is age regression taken further, back to a previous life.

About Past Lives
The concept of past lives, the idea that are our soul has lived many times before in other bodies, is neither new nor novel. It is a timeless idea without origin. It is more than merely a theory. It is a universal spiritual truth that points to the nature of the soul and the purpose of the human experience.  The existence of Past Lives is woven into the belief systems of many cultures and faiths worldwide. 
Benefits of Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression is simply an exercise in remembering. The memories of each of our former "selves" is stored in our "cellular" memory which is housed in our energy field. These memories are just below conscious awareness and may be accessed spontaneously or through past life regression. The benefits of past life recollection are varied.
Regressions are effective ways to discover the reasons for current fears, recurring dreams, addiction patterns, relationships tendencies, and let go of them.  You may also discover particular skills which can help you on your current path, for example in making career changes or developing spiritually. 
People often trace a phobia to its origin. For example, a fear of water is traced to a past life drowning. Frequently, people discover patterns and themes that have carried over into this current life. They realize that by perpetuating repetitive thoughts and behaviors they continue to attract similar circumstances. Further, people are often surprised to find that family, friends, romantic partners and other significant relationships have developed in previous lifetimes.  These "soul clusters" continue to incarnate together to learn and evolve as a group. All of these discoveries are fascinating and healing.
What exactly does the regression entail?
A past life regression begins with deep relaxation, hypnotic techniques and a guided imagery journey. Once you are comfortably and safely relaxed you are guided to tap into resting cellular memories. You are alert and able to dialogue during the entire session. It is important to remember that you are in control and able to take yourself out of the experience whenever you choose. Each session is unique and may involve leading you through childhood memories, symbolic images, in-between-life stages or higher planes in addition to past life memories or flashes.
Many people resolve life issues and have wonderful life changing experiences!